Let’s talk about you, shall we?

There’s something really amazing about you, your business and your products or services.

But maybe you’re unintentionally fantastic at NOT telling the world about it.

It’s truly how you share the story that determines if the world pays attention or not.

Your story is awesome. You know it. I know it.

The secret to propelling your business from forgettable to magnetic


Powerful, engaging words that attract and motivate people to buy – again and again.


Jody LambI’m Jody Lamb – and I create these powerful words for businesses.

I took what I learned from 13 years in corporate and agency marketing communications, then cued The Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song and created this writing agency.

Now I spend my days writing words to…

  • Make you look good (as you deserve).
  • Boost sales for your business.
  • Have a lasting, positive impact on your brand.

I bring together my experience in digital marketing and writing for the internet to craft compelling words that people actually want to read.

My writing specialties are:

  • Brand key messaging
  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • PR/media outreach content

Brands using my copywriting, with true-to-the-brand personality, have enjoyed some seriously cool stuff such as:

  1. More products purchased.
  2. More sales leads. 
  3. More content shared.
  4. More people engaged on social media.
  5. More media coverage earned.

All because of the right words.

You need beautiful, powerful words that simply more accurately, more concisely tell people why they should care about you and your business.

Read about my services.

Want to talk? Reach me at JodyLambPR@gmail.com.