Photo Shape Editor: are no boring businesses – just boring copy that fails to share the real story.

I hit the career lottery. Seriously. I get to help businesses grow and introduce people to incredible products and services all day long.

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Impactful key messaging

I help new and established businesses define who are they are in words to effectively tell the story with consistency. These messages are then used in their various communications channels – such as their website, social media profiles, press overviews, brochures, presentations- everywhere!

Website content that motivates 

I love talking with entrepreneurs and people involved in a startup’s early days. They always having great stories about the hurdles, the long nights, the big breaks, the lesson-learning setbacks, the scoundrels, the catalysts, the naysayers and the believers – everything they experienced in pursuit of business success. It’s energizing. It motivates me to buy from them, work with them and tell other people about them. Then later, when I visit these companies’ websites, one of three things happens:

  1. Yawning. Extremely boring copy. Are there any humans ‘round here?
  2. Head scratching. Confusing or too little copy. I don’t get what your business does…And I thought you said you also do X? It’s not even mentioned, let alone highlighted.
  3. Sighing. Info overload. Too much of everything. Overwhelming. I’m a super reader and a word nerd who’s intrigued by business yet I don’t want to keep reading. This is un problema.

Rarely: Wow!

Are the words on your website holding your business back?

My approach: I start with listening, really listening, to the story in your words. Then, fueled by your inspiring story, I dash off to draft key messaging, as I’ve interpreted it. When you’re a happy camper with the key messages, I get rolling with creating website content that prompts action.

Blogging that attracts, engages & sells  

This is my favorite type of writing. Why? It offers the most opportunity to showcase brand expertise and personality.

  • Blog posts
  • Blog strategy
  • Blog editorial calendars
  • Guest blog posts

I blog for brands with varying needs. Some blog posts are heavily SEO driven so I’m charged with creating valuable, engaging posts that incorporate important keywords. This is always a fun challenge. Other blog posts are designed for engagement purposes and to provide news-site-caliber content that showcases brand credibility.

I have the most experience writing on the following topics, but I’m quick to learn new industries.


  • Home improvement
  • Appliance repair and maintenance
  • Energy saving
  • Photography
  • Outdoor enthusiast
  • Travel
  • Health and fitness


  • Small business marketing
  • Ecommerce marketing
  • Hardware and software for financial institutions

PR: Writing for media that grabs attention & earns coverage that builds brands 

PR is constantly evolving. It’s a fun journey. I write attention-getting content for traditional and digital media and bloggers/influencers.

As a former journalist, I know how to present and create authentic news.  

  • Press releases & kits 
  • Speeches & talking points
  • Bylined articles

Other stuff I do

  • Social media content
  • Messaging/website evaluation
  • PR services – media story pitching


Need a ballpark rate? My average rate is 20 cents/word. But really, this varies greatly by the writing project type. For example, a blog post that requires minimal research will not be priced the same as a website content project that requires several meetings and interviews with key stakeholders. Every project is different. Therefore, my rates must change to be fair to everyone involved. Let’s talk about your project.

Back to you

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